making phone calls through voice mail after hours

I have set 10:30 as the time for my son's phone to turn off. I have noticed on the usage log that he is making calls to voice at 11:00, and then at 11:01 a call is made to a friends number. The duration of the calls shown for each number are within a minute of each other. Is it possible that he can return a call through voicemail and bypass the time restriction?

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Re: making phone calls through voice mail after hours
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I can certainly assist you. There is an option in voice mail to return a call, but usage controls should still block him from being able to make a call. I would need to look into this further to see if that is what is happening. If so, we may need to do a trouble ticket to our network team to make sure this is blocked. Can you send me a PM with your name and your son's number?