"Block Calls & Message" on Verizon Wireless website.

Tried to initiate "Block Calls & Messages (incoming calls)" on Verizon's website, for a LG VX5300 in my plan.  I've read the terms and conditions and limitations for the service provided by Verizon.  After inputting the phone numbers in the blank spaces (1 to 5) on the pages, and after clicking "Submit," what I am expected to see on the page.   Where are the 1 to 5 phone numbers to be highlighted and unblocked?  Please explain how the page should appear after submitting the block caller list, and what does it mean when there are no phone numbers to highlight and unblock.

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Re: "Block Calls & Message" on Verizon Wireless website.
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Hi Jido323,

Sorry for any trouble you're having with blocking the calls and messages. After submitting the numbers, they should appear and remain on the line of where you put the numbers online blocked for up to 90 days.Are you sure you put the numbers in the correct location? Here's a link to further assist http://vz.to/1qvatPe

Thank you!

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