1st day I had Nexus Camera stopped working

A few hours after I left verizon my camera stopped working. I had taken a few pictures, then tried.

tap on camera icon first 2 times screen flickers, 3rd time I get window saying "Unfortunately, Camera has stopped."

That's it.

anybody know how to fix?


Re: 1st day I had Nexus Camera stopped working
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Hi Adam,

   Have you downloaded any apps? Alot of apps aren't updated to work with ICS yet. So my thought process is perhaps its a cache error. You might try a factory data reset. The only problem being that if that is the issue, when you sync it back up with google after the reset the app causing the issue will also be restored. I'll do some research for you and see if I can find a better resolution in the mean time.

Good luck

Re: 1st day I had Nexus Camera stopped working
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Hello and thank you pollix11 for that helpful information!

adamjb, are you using the default camera application on your Nexus?  Try using default camera application; however, place the phone in Safe Mode first.  While in Safe Mode, try using camera, other apps, web, etc. as normal.  If everything works fine, the problem is an app that was downloaded, as pollix11 mentioned.  You can then try removing certain applications, or a Hard Reset, and then download applications few by few, with at least a day in between downloads to see which app(s) could be causing the problem.  If you see you're having the problem again, it's most likely a recently downloaded app.

If Safe Mode & a Hard Reset don't work, please follow me & send me a Direct Message, and I will be happy to personally assist you.

Thank you,


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Re: 1st day I had Nexus Camera stopped working
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Just start your camera app again.  It will work.

Sometimes apps crash and need restarted.


Re: 1st day I had Nexus Camera stopped working
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Thanks, for posting the safe mode instructions. A Google search was running on empty for me and I have a situation where I want to run my phone in that mode for a while before uninstalling the application.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.