Can we tell which tower the GN is connected to?
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I have the beginnings of a theory regarding the 4G stability issues and low signal reports on the GN.  Has to do with the hybrid WCDMA/CDMA2000 authentication system on Verizon's new towers.  I'm only speculating but I'm wondering if the GN is having trouble with authentication on the new 3G/4G towers and they're getting booted due to authentication errors and are falling back to older, more distant 3G towers using the old authentication system.  That could explain why some GN users are reporting that they can only get a 3G signal where other phones have 4G and why they see a lower signal strengh on the GN when it's sitting right next to another Verizon phone.


If we can tell which towers those phones are connected to, it could give some data that would either support or refute my theory.


Or, ya know, Verizon could shed a some light on it.  :smileyvery-happy:

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There is an app called "Open Signal Maps" that show you which tower you are connected too.... if you have GPS on, it will show you where you are in relationship to the tower.


It also has some tower information. I have to wait to get to work to see if the information shows if the tower is 4g or not... I think that it will show you that, but have not tested that yet, thus cannot say for sure