Change from Fascinate to Droid X2 has been good :)

For those who are considering a Droid X2, just wanted to give my two cents thus far.


I was (after much time, effort, grief and stress) able to swap out my Fascinate for a completely different phone.  I selected the Droid X2 and have been pleased thus far with it's performance.  A few differences from the Fascinate but nothing I didn't get used to in a short period of time.  And at least now I receive calls, text messaging works, screen doesn't freeze up and battery charge lasts 1 to 1 1/2 days now!  That's 100% better than what I could say I got from my Fascinate after the updates were done!


Will I think twice before I download ANY updates ever again?  YOU BET!  In fact, my theory from now on is that if the phone does what it should do, I'm not updating anything!  I'll just skip it!  Why fix what's not broke, or as was the case of our Fascinates, why break what was good to begin with?


I wish each of you well as you pursue what I feel every customer is entitled to.....service that you pay for!