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I've tried updating my fascinate at least 20 times now, keep getting Code: 500 server unavailable. Tried factory reset, *228 and 1 but nothing seems to work. Even went to a Verizon store and they didn't help me at all, just said wait for the an update when it's ready. 


My service is fine where I live, so it's not that.

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I had exact same problem on 1 of my 3 Fascinates.


Fix was the following:


Call cust service. Tell them you're having a problem with your phone and please

transfer you to tech support.


Tell tech support the problem. 

Tell them according to the Verizon Wireless community forums, this is a probable fix.


Have them 'remove/drop' your phone from their network. They'll need the MEID for this under the battery.

Then have them add your phone back to their network.  Should take all of a couple minutes, tops.


Once they've readded it.    Call  *228 and do option '1' to activate your phone.


Then  try the update again. Odds are the updates will now work.


This has fixed this exact problem for a lot of people. 


FYI.   Latest version is ED04.   Menu...Settings...About phone.  look at baseband or build number.


good luck.

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Market12, I would certainly like to assist you. It sounds like you have already done some great troubleshooting. The previous poster gave a great suggestion for this issue.  If you are still having this issue after trying those steps, please PM me with your name and number and I will further assist you.