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5 samsung note3's in less than a year

I bought a Note3 in February had to replace it 3 days later (got so hot you could not hold it) then a few months later that one had issue's now I have had to have it replaced 2x's in a week.

Seems the refurbished replacement number 3 had no signal so they replace sim card( 2 hours out of my day from work) then two days later I get (removed) for customer service who says do a factory reset that will fix it. had already done 2x's before calling. so I reset once again still same issue. he finally agrees to arrange a warranty replacement. that one arrives I set it all up... power button is inop. Then when attempting to make calls the power down window would pop up. Best part I spent 12 or 15 bucks on screen protector. I ask if they intend on sending me a new one he says it will have one on it. it has the film on it for shipping what a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. so once again they wanted me to do a factory reset....uggggg send me a darn phone that is working!!!!!!!! just a thought.... So the last one I receive I asked about screen protector as well I was told that they will not replace the screen protector. I asked for a supervisor that is unacceptable return to me the same/like condition phone... so I go on a 10 min hold......... lady says well since you have been such a loyal customer yes sir we will send you a screen protector..... THEY SEND ME THIS UNIVERSAL TRIM TO FIT (removed) LOOKING CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me???? am I an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!! so not only do I get 4 junk phones but I get screwed out of my money I spent on screen protectors....thanks for ripping me off Verizon.... so much for loyal customer.. I am thinking its time for a change with this attitude....

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Re: 5 samsung note3's in less than a year

Get the 5.5" iPhone 6 when it is released this fall, then you won't have these problems. 🙂