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920.00 is a lot of money to scammed out of.

I have a Note 8 that I purchased from Verizon that has a touch screen sensitivity issue.  I have bang on the phone several times to even make a phone call.  Verizon wants to charg me another 179 to send me another one or a 35 restocking fee to get a different phone that works.  I don't want a new phone just because it's something I prefer.  I just don't want to be scammed by Verizon.  You can't trap me with a defective phone so you can get more money from me.  That's insane and it sounds like those terrible scams that are going viral these days.  Does anyone know of a solution?  I've requested several times for a supervisor to call but no has called me.  I was even told to go to one of the stores and they would resolve it and the clerk at the store I went to was so rude and refused to help that another customer walking out with me made the comment on how rude he was.  I'll take any  help I can get.  920.00 is a lot of money to scammed out of.

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Re: 920.00 is a lot of money to scammed out of.
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Did you talk to Samsung? What do they tell you to do?

Did you purchase the device out right with a credit card? You might want to look and see what the credit card will do if you dispute the bill for the purchase?

If it were me - I'd try to determine if other Note 8 owners have problems like this. I certainly would consider tossing in another $35 to get out of that particular phone, maybe the model all together to get into something that works properly.

Re: 920.00 is a lot of money to scammed out of.
Customer Support

Ginfue96, having a properly working phone is always what we want for you. You mentioned that you are having issues with screen responsiveness. When did this begin? Do you recall adding any new apps, games or software around that time? You also indicated $179.00 to get the device replaced, this has me suspecting that there has been some type of damage to the phone, can you please clarify?