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A few days in, how's Lollipop treating you?

I'm enjoying it so far, a few thoughts:

  • my phone is much faster and smoother, good stuff
  • my phone heats up much more quickly though when charging (with the original charger) or doing anything processor intensive
  • battery life has taken a turn for the worse; it isn't terrible but it isn't improved like it was on my Note 4 with Lollipop
  • we got screen pinning!!! (you can lock the screen to one particular app)
  • we didn't get guest mode/multi-user
  • we didn't get themes ...

I haven't noticed anything particularly bad or good. It feels like a decent update but I'm just a little curious about why the build date says mid-June. They waited for a LONG time to get working on this latest build.

Overall, it really doesn't seem like this update should have taken as long as it did. It was worth waiting for, but the wait was totally unnecessary.

TL;DR: great job Verizon, but let's work on better timing

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Re: A few days in, how's Lollipop treating you?

My S5 is running Lollypop 5.0.  To the extent that I use the phone (we're talking tech challenged geezer here) I won't say there is an improvement but things seem to work at least as well as before its update on June 16. I'd rate it a strong Meh.

Prior to update I wiped the cache partition and did a factory reset. After update any missing apps were added as a fresh download. The only data installed from backup was for the calendar and contacts.

Re: A few days in, how's Lollipop treating you?

My battery life seems to be better but just slightly.  I haven't noticed any heating issues other then when I did the update but i know that was pretty intense.  The only negative for me is that i use the live weather wallpaper for the lock screen and also use the fingerprint scanner to unlock, and now it's near impossible to unlock it without opening the website link on the wallpaper.  But everyone is having this problem who use the same setup.  I could change wallpapers but i just deal with it knowing the issue.  I love the notifications on the lock screen. The colors google chose for the default texting app (yellow and orange) are horrendous but anyway.  All the minor improvements are worth it.

I completely agree with you regarding the amount of time that took.  It kind of surprised me that every single tech website who announced this update said FINALLY. So at least everyone noticed.  I have said that I think this update for this phone somehow fell through the cracks at Verizon but lets hope they get it together for the future. Everyone else is getting 5.1 and since 5.0 to 5.1 isn't as big an update as the one we just got lets hope we aren't getting it while other people are getting Android M.

Re: A few days in, how's Lollipop treating you?

I agree with n900mixalot that the phone heats up a lot more when charging and battery life is much shorter after this update. Very disappointed!!

Re: A few days in, how's Lollipop treating you?

My Note Edge seems a little faster and the screen more responsive although is not like it was slow in the first place.

I am also experiencing issues with shorter battery life and more heat up during normal use. I hope this is something that can be addressed with a quick new patch.