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Accuweather App Broken (frequent error msgs; low battery) - Send Help!

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the AccuWeather widget that comes pre-installed is not functioning. Starting around 0700 on 5/17, I began getting an error message stating that "Unfortunately Weather has stopped", whenever I opened the application. The error also appears at random intervals, often while I am trying to start a call, or use other apps.

We (Verizon support and I) have tried clearing app cache, system cache, force stopping the app, rebooting, etc., but we do not have the ability to disable it because that button is grayed out on this device. Presumably because the app came preinstalled, as part of the Verizon-wrapped OS+Feature suite.

I am hoping to avoid a factory reset. Is there anything in the phone's developer tools that could help?  I am open to finding a way to disable or uninstall this bundled app, if it cannot be fixed.

I sent the above information to Accuweather App support.

They replied that they are "aware of the problem that you are experiencing, and are actively working on a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

I've done my best to try and turn off notifications, and location settings for this weather app, but it continues to run in the background, and is eating up my battery while trying to connect to its server, and continues to interfere with normal use of the phone.

Can Verizon please either put some pressure on Accuweather to fix their app, OR provide their end users with a mechanism for disabling or removing this app, so that we can use our phones w/o problems?


PS: My Note 5 got the N920VVRU2BPD4 update on May 13th; this issue did not start until 5/17, and I have not installed any new apps.

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Re: Accuweather App Broken (frequent error msgs; low battery) - Send Help!

is gps on??  does accuwx show as default wx in settings/application??


i use weather underground & intellicast & sorry to say my accuwx is working fine but i don't use it other than what it shows on my home screen..

Re: Accuweather App Broken (frequent error msgs; low battery) - Send Help!
Sr. Member

If Accuweather said they are aware of the problem, it sounds like there is nothing else you can do. It's strange that it works fine for others. I would suggest deleting the app now and using something else for a while. If they are working on it as they said a factory reset won't help you. You could reload it at a later time to see if they got it resolved. Just my idea. Good luck.

Re: Accuweather App Broken (frequent error msgs; low battery) - Send Help!

setting/lockscreen/notifictions lets you select what you get notifications for what apps you want.

try to re-install:

The Weather Channel - Android Apps on Google Play