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After reading the Note 3 problems. How is this going to be fixed and when.

After finding other people were having the same issue I was with my note 3. No help from customer service. Have the issues been fixed on the New Note 4 that soon to be released? As for the cost of having a Verizon account with 6 phones for over $400 a month with 10g to share. Everyone says this is crazy and we have been a loyal customer for over 12yrs. I think we are switching after this. bad reception and bad phones. So much inconvenience when they have to send a refurbished phone. Dropped calls and no bars this has been the worst phone I have had. My husband has the S5 and gets a little  better reception and picture quality and I paid $700 for what??? Oh its on the edge....I have tried everything to make this phone work. Since the update it stinks. Friends of mine with the news are thinking of doing a segment on this and service. Verizon is the most expensive and service and quality has gone way down hill .

So what do we do?

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Re: After reading the Note 3 problems. How is this going to be fixed and when.

Agreed.  I would have to think it's just a matter of time before word gets out and they start losing customers.  The network "upgrade" was definitely a bad move.  They should have just built on to their existing network and not acquired someone else's garbage spectrum.  Way to take a step back!  I thought Verizon was the leader in fewest dropped calls.  Not for long!  I wonder how dropped calls get reported?  Oh wouldn't technically be considered a dropped call if you couldn't make the call in the first place.

Sorry for being so negative.  But, you would think that having a top-tier phone, we wouldn't have these issues.

I am so frustrated with this.  I have been looking at prices on the other carriers over the past month or two, where before I would never think of that because I valued the reliability of Verizon too much.  Now, there is nothing to keep customers from fleeing Verizon, especially when they charge more than anyone else out there.