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Another Edge Marshmallow upgrade victim

So I along with many other customers have an issue with the new update, and since I was dumb enough to sign up for the device agreement plan I am screwed.  I cracked my screen a year ago, but it was no big deal and worked flawlessly.  That is until the latest update..... Since the update the phone restarts itself, freezes up to the point I have to remove the battery, apps not responding.  I have done factory resets, cleared partitions, and took one installed app off at a time to see if it was an app that was causing the issues. Guess what, and the issue is still there. Clearly an issue with the update. 

For me to get a new phone I need to cough up $199 to change out the phone, so i chatted with Verizon customer service.  They reassured my thinking that I was screwed since the support advised I had to pay $199 (payoff) for new phone or $199 for the deductible to replace it with a different phone (guessing refurbished).

I guess it was silly to assume that I could trade in a few months early based on a update that broke the phone and was at no fault of my own, and i am such a valued customer for several years.  I guess I will have to wait for a new update to fix issues (which isn't anytime soon).

Verizon, when I call do not thank me for being a loyal customer for so many years because you really don't.  If you did, you would help a loyal customer, who spends ALOT of money each month, and NEVER been late on ANY payments.

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Re: Another Edge Marshmallow upgrade victim

This is the same issue I am having. Plus I am having a little more. The Internet keeps dropping out and service keeps dropping out. All my issues started right around August 1st. I have been on the phone with support everyday since the 6th of September and they have never mentioned this update. I also, lost my phone back in May had to pay the 20p for a refurbished (like new replacement) as Verizon and assuring call it. However I am still in contract and paying monthly payments on it for another 6 months. Never lose or cause damage to your phone you will just get someone else phone that they had issues with. However, it sounds like two weeks of being on the phone with tech coach, verizon customer support technicial support. No help except factory reset, explaining myself over and over, and network resets. Still the issue is here. Mmm, it sounds like they need to remove this update. It sounds like this update has caused sevreal issues.