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Anyone Still Having Distorted Calls After The Upgrade

I have owned 2 pairs and tried 1 pair of Note 3s, that is a total of 6 phones with distorted calls. Both of the Note 3s I currently own received the Nov. 6th upgrade by Samsung to fix this issue. Unfortunately this did not fix the issue for many Verizon and Sprint customers.

Fortunately for some the upgrade seems to have corrected the problem with varying degrees of success. See our Verizon Community post:

I am one of Verizon's customers that the upgrade did not fix, and the following is what I have been told to date:

1. Verizon informed me there is to be another Samsung upgrade to fix our phones, but have no idea as to a date.

2. Samsung confirmed Verizon's statement but have no idea as to a date, (this scares me because they never did fix the Galaxy S2).

3. Verizon will no longer exchange these phones for a new one. They want to retain their new stock for the upcoming holiday buying season, but they did offer to exchange it for a different model or brand.

So if anyone notices this post please respond with any additional or different information to what I have posted here.

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Re: Anyone Still Having Distorted Calls After The Upgrade

It would appear that folks are finally getting the distorted call issue resolved. I still had the issue until yesterday's update to N900VVRUBMJE. I hope this fixed the problem for everybody !

For me it took 4 pair of phones, 2 updates, and 2 months to get a usable phone. At this point the voice quality sounds like a cheap phone but at least is usable. In addition I no longer get dropped wifi connections.

I have only used my current pair of phones for 24 hours since the latest update but I am going to mark this post as resolved. I do hope that Verizon and Samsung will continue to work on improving the voice quality. At this point I have very little distortion but the frequency is biased on the high side which makes it sound thin and too cheap for a high end device.