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Are you disappointed and frustrated with the Note 3? I feel the pain!

I feel everyone's pain with the Note 3 Issues!  I have been in the tech field for 20 years and Verizon treats me as if it is the first time they are hearing about the issues! Rather that work on a fix, I've been told that I can leave my contract with no penalties!

I have documentation and screen shots of all my issues and here is the short list of what I've been through....

1. 80 + hours on the phones with a support team that close tickets without resolution, transfers you around the country to different call centers to start all over again,

2. 3 emails to Verizon Executive Office

3. A refurbished phone replacement of my brank NEW Note 3 that I was told would definitely fix the issues..

4. 4 Visits to Verizon stores, 2 Simm Card replacements, 2 Network Extenders, replacement charger cord and new battery

5. Conference calls with Samsung

6. Been offered a less expensive phone replacement for "free" ... yeah Verizon trade my Mercedes priced phone for a Neon...

7. Calls not returned by support agents

8. Text messages from technicians initiated by Verizon to me, from their work domain, never responded after multiple conversations with screen shots sent showing my issue

My issues:

1. Network signal drops constantly in my home. No mobile network errors, dropped calls, hanging texts, 1x signals. I am told by one group that I am in a 4g covered area and the other group that I am in a weak coverage area! My other Verizon phone has 4g yet support can't understand my logic that it is a phone issue!

2. Slow charging messages to use the original charger with my screen shot plugged into the brand new SAMSUNG charger

3. Battery usage of 10% per hour when my phone would last all day before the KitKat update and still have almost 70% remaining

4. Overnight battery drainage in 7 hours from 91% to 27% while wifi on and no Bluetooth on

5. PIctures in my Gallery, that I can see and get file information for that are NOT there in the SD folder identified,  and then mysterious disappear forever

All since the mandatory software update that you can not refuse, delete or revert back to factory version!

So now they are going to bring the Note 4 into the mix with KitKat 4.4.4 before they update and fix the software for the owners of the Note 3...

So what do I do?  Switch to the Note 4 or wait or wait months with TERRIBLE service while Verizon tries to fix a bad update?    By the time that happens Lollipop with be out!

This is so frustrating... the big 3 point the fingers around rather than collaborate..

Google makes the base Android Software update for a hardware device manufactured by Samsung that is sold by and placed on a Verizon Network. Verizon tweaks the software for "their" business. Verizon sends refurbished phones while under factory 1 year Warranty and sends devices . Samsung says everything leaves their business working properly but I can send my phone to them and be without my phone for 10 days while they "properly" flash the device for free.  They tell me  Verizon does not flash the device the same way and their way is "better". Who do I trust?  And be without my phone for 10 days because Samsung "rigorously" tests everything??? 

And to top it all off... I wrote to Samsung's "Voice of the Customer" which is supposedly and direct complaint to the Executive Level. I wrote 3 times and 3 weeks later still no contact from Samsung. They should call it the "Voice into the Abyss!"

I'm sooooooooooo disappointed with my experience this year....

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Re: Are you disappointed and frustrated with the Note 3? I feel the pain!

Man do I feel your pain... Since May I have been painfully waiting, researching a fix, dealing with extremely poor technical support, etc and finally I just got fed up. I would NEVER spend money on a note 4 with Verizon. Regardless of who is at fault. Thankfully my contract is up at the end of the month. Good riddance to me!

Re: Are you disappointed and frustrated with the Note 3? I feel the pain!

Dont update to the Kit Kat upgrade. I have a note 4 and I did the upgrade. It will now not disconnect from the 4g when my home wifi is engaged. Looking on their website a LOT of people are having this issue. Verizon is stating nothing is wrong. I now have to keep turning my 4g off when I get home. Big inconvience.

Re: Are you disappointed and frustrated with the Note 3? I feel the pain!
Customer Support
gooeysgran, we don't want this to be an ongoing issue for you. Have you powered your device off/on since retrieving that software update? Have you tried removing that Wi-Fi connection in the settings of your device?

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Re: Are you disappointed and frustrated with the Note 3? I feel the pain!

And my note 3  is working perfectly.  Lollipop update took hours to install, but no issues.