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Battery Drainage

My phone has been dying quickly the last few days and I just checked the battery usage and it says mm-qcamera-daemon is using over 50% of my battery life.  My phone is dying in a couple hours which is very annoying.  I uninstalled a new app I downloaded the other day called "Glide" but don't know if this will take care of the problem.  I've seen others post about this issue and a lot of them say its the Yahoo app but I do not have that installed.  How can I get rid of this problem and what should I do to avoid the same in the future?  HELP

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Re: Battery Drainage

I too had this issue.  The Yahoo app is probably the Yahoo! Finance app.  I turned it off in the settings as well as the other bloat that I will never use (VZ apps, Caller name ID ect).  I also had issue with wifi never turning off even when it was never on.  After several calls to VZ support and some lame help, I just did a factory reset, and all was well.  This may not be the path for you, but the device was only a week old and nothing lost for me to set it all back up again. 

I would recommend turning off  the bloat you don't use, try restricting background data. I also turned off the VZ back up (this thing runs far to often and is unnecessary) and installed an app called DS Battery saver.  This app helped tremendously with battery.   It puts your data connection to sleep when the screen is off, but calls and text come in real time. 

This is not the only solution, but a suggestion.  This worked for me and now I can go 15 plus hours with 3 plus hours of on screen time.