Behind the scenes update? Data usage discrepancy.
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Was there some kind of update released behind the scenes over the past few days?  I'm a data [removed] since we had to move from unlimited data to a tiered plan.  Imagine my surpise when three days ago my phone was reporting 4.46GB of data used in ONE day when I had used it very little.  I checked both the phone's data usage logs and the usage reported to "My Data Manager", an app I use which keeps a running total by month and puts it on my notification dropdown.  They both showed a large amount of data used by "OS Services".  But when I pull up my usage in the MyVerizon app, it only shows me using 1.17 GB for the entire month.

Last time I noticed this kind of discrepancy was when I downloaded the 4.3 OTA update.  It was reported as data by the phone and the Manager app but not in the Verizon app.  So I'm curious what kind of "update" may have occurred.  Or is there something really wrong with the way my phone is reporting data usage?

Re: Behind the scenes update? Data usage discrepancy.
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Hi SamZTB,

We would be delighted to assist today! At this time there has not been any recent releases in the last couple of days. In order to monitor your data we do recommend the utilization of VZW online. Unfortunately monitoring directly from the phone does not necessarily mean this is the accurate consumption of data. To clarify only 1.17GB is showing on My Verizon?

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