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Being duped on a sale

Wanted to surprise my wife with a new phone, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, for Xmas. I went to the Costco kiosk like I normally do and asked how to do it. The salesman looked at my account and mentioned that I can receive the $400 credit for her old phone. Only issue is that they can't honor the device dollars I accumulated at a kiosk. I said I would return. I looked up the phone and info on my Verizon account and it too said that I could upgrade her phone and get the $400 trade in while using my device dollars as well. I put the phone in my cart and was about to do it. I then thought that I did not want to make a mistake so I went to the location that had this phone in stock in order to do it in person and not mess it up. Everything went smoothly. My phone was ready for an upgrade so he mentioned that I could trade in my old phone and get a new Galaxy S21 without any extra costs. Win, Win. Xmas comes, she's happy, and then we went back to the same salesman that helped me. Transferred all the data, went through the motions, and then he asked if I wanted to keep the phone. I said that I wanted the trade in value that was promised in order to offset the monthly bill. Amazingly, it was no where to be found. It didn't pop up on his screen, nor the receipt of my phone and the sale of the new phone, etc. He said I could get $160 for the trade in or keep it. I reminded him of the deal he told me I would get and the lengthy conversation and calculations we did to come up with an educated guess to the monthly payment. After 45 minutes waiting for the phone to clone we were left with "guess you'll have to call Verizon." I called them when I got home and was on hold for a little while, got them to call me back, and the woman asked for my info, said give her a minute to check out my account, and then I proceeded to wait on hold for 30 minutes only to hear a click and was disconnected. I continued to call again and got disconnected. Tried a 3rd time, waited, and then got home and looked up the hours of operation and found out that they were now closed. I looked up the info about the $400 and it's no where to be found. My new phone was traded in but my account says I owe money. So I'm assuming I need to wait 2 billing cycles for my trade in value to show. Now from reading so many other trade in horror stories I'm worried I won't get my trade in and phone will be lost and I will not get the $400 trade in promised for my wife's phone.

Re: Being duped on a sale
Customer Support

We are terribly sorry to know about this experience, getting a new phone should be a pleasant interaction and want to help you properly.  We have sent you a private note to further assist you. ~Pam

Re: Being duped on a sale

Screen shot any deals your working with.  You will get left in the cold everytime