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Cursor jumps in text editing windows

Hi all.

I bought the Note II a few weeks back, and began noticing immediately that the cursor jumps while typing, in text editing windows of internet forums, as well as in the Android Central's app forum.

I asked this on the Android Central forum, and no one ever responded. I now have Samsung on the phone, and they are getting ahold of someone to see if they can do a remote access to rectify this. I am not confident that they can do so, and are falling back on the std--reset to factory-excuse.

This strikes me as an OS flaw. I say this because I had purchased an android tablet over the summer and the same thing happened. I wound up returning it for a refund because I could never know until it was too late where I was typing.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so-- were you able to fix it?

Presently, I'm using my laptop to do this post, but for an example on what would happen---

I'll be typing in a window like this, and suddenly, the cursor would jump back to the top (or any location within the text-editing window), and it'd overwrite everything I'd have typed up top.

Another problem that I'm having is that the scroll option would seize up, and I would not be able to scroll the editing window, so as to get the cursor back down to the correct location. While I've gotten used to the major inconvenience it causes-- I'd really like to stop having to deal with this. Android are the only devices that I've ever had this problem occur with. No IOS, or Apple or Windows device I've had over the years has ever had this problem.

Re: Cursor jumps in text editing windows

I have no trouble with my T-Mobile Note 2 and the update when it came to that. However I had trouble with other things. I used Kies and did a emergency recovery. Since then no trouble thus far.

Re: Cursor jumps in text editing windows

Ok, received the update to 4.3 the other day.

Now, not only does the cursor jump, it causes me to jump to the top of the page that I am on. I.e., I can no longer scroll down, it repeatedly just jumps me to the page top. It takes like 3-10 times to move the cursor where I need it.

I don't want to be rude. .... but seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most pathetic excuse for a operating system I have ever had the displeasure of using.

Come on Verizon!!!! Do something productive here.

My windows phone never had this problem.

I would simply like to edit a text window on the Internet without having to fight for the location of my choosing, within the text editing window.

Re: Cursor jumps in text editing windows
Customer Support

Hi SteveBMe,

I want you to love your phone and I am here to help! Please advise, have you completed a hard reset since completing the update: ?

Thanks for your contribution to our community forums,


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