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Failed attempt of Note 7 Recall at Verizon Store.

My family and I just joined Verizon 2 weeks ago.  We decided to do a family plan to save some money.  We put the account in my Father's name.  When we joined, I purchased a Note 7, which has been a great phone.  I heard about the recall and figured I would wait until the new Note 7 handsets came in and replace it with one of them.

A massive wrench was thrown in my plans due to the ban of them on aircraft as we are flying at the end of this month.  So I decided to suck it up and downgrade my handset to the S7 Edge instead.

I visited my local Verizon store in White Marsh (Avenue location) where I was greeted and put into a queue behind 2 other people.  Roughly 30mins later I was finally helped my a friendly staff member.  He informed me that since I am not the primary account holder (my father, who is currently out of state) that they would have to text him a PIN number and then he would have to tell it to me and I, in turn, relay it to the rep.  Well there seemed to be difficulty with this process.  The rep took roughly 20mins to figure out what the problem was.  Since we were brand new to Verizon, the primary account holder would have to be there as well for the recall exchange.  Either that or give me permission to make changes to the account via the customer service line or from the App.  Neither of which my father would have been able to do while driving out of state.

This puzzled me for 2 reasons.  The first being that there were no changed being made to the our plan at all.  I was just exchanging a handset due to the recall for another handset.  The other reason was that they were perfectly fine with me taking my device back home with me to return at another time even though said device has a recall due to exploding batteries.  That, in my opinion, is a it absurd.  I had the primary account holder on the phone with me while I was at the store.  They could have verified with him anyway possible.  I had the 4 digit pin for our account but I was never asked that.

So after waiting over an hour, I received no resolution at all and was sent back home with a faulty and potentially dangerous handset.  This has been a massive inconvenience more then what the factory recall alone should be.

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Re: Failed attempt of Note 7 Recall at Verizon Store.

Welcome to Verizon.

Re: Failed attempt of Note 7 Recall at Verizon Store.

Yeah.  Im starting to feel that "warm service provider welcome".  I was really happy to finally switch to a carrier with better coverage, but if I would have know that the in store processes and customer service were this painful (not to mention the HOURS spent in the store when we first joined) I would have stayed with my previous carrier.