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!!! Fluctuating Bars Poor 4G LTE HELP !!!

Ok here what is happening Verizon galaxy note 3  it seems that my 4G LTE is not consistent aka internet speeds and my Bars will flash to full and to one when low on signal  I recently did the 4.4.4 kitkat update  hoping it would help  I noticed before I did update my phone would always be on 4G LTE  but ever sense the update it will jump between 3G and 4G LTE   I just got my phone from Samsung 3 weeks ago the have fully checked my phone under warranty and found it to be in excellent work condition  I can verify with receipt

Here what I have done to try and fix the problem

1 . Factory reset before update

2 . Factory reset right after update without apps

3 . Battery pull overnight and 30 Seconds

4 . New Sim Card official Verizon store

5 . Safe mode

6 . Turn phone on/off without Sim Card and MC

7 . Phone not on globle and set to allow roaming

8 . Did a *228 once

Non of these stps helped me at all and I realy dont want certified like-new replacement phone

I know other people have this problem and it seems that google and Verizon and Samsung

Arnt working together as a team. from what I can see or I wouldnt be posting this topic  please come to your sensies and help you community isn't that what this Verizon community is for  please help

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Re: !!! Fluctuating Bars Poor 4G LTE HELP !!!

I forgot to mention the my dbm hover around 108 and 90 unless in phone call and looking at dbms in settings

Re: !!! Fluctuating Bars Poor 4G LTE HELP !!!

warning:!!!! do at your own risk I am NOT a technician or work for Samsung for Verizon

I am NOT responsible for any damage to your device 

I took the battery cover off my phone and  tightened all down the Phillips head screws iand my signal improvedI also I heart stickers that are passive singles I put two of em in town location on phone no on tbattery cover   may vary from person to person this works for me