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Has anyone else been mislead by Verizon failing to disclose a material fact?

I have recently filed a FCC complaint and a Arizona Attorney General's fraud complaint against Verizon.  Here is the crux of my complaint.

This complaint is in regard to deceptive practices and failure to disclose a material fact. Shortly after my husband’s death on February 16, 2016, I visited the Verizon store at 1425 S Alma School Road in Mesa, AZ to discuss discontinuing my husband’s cell phone line and returning his Samsung S5 phone for a credit. I was told they would credit our account and reduce my monthly bill with the return of the phone.  I went back to the same store a couple of days later and returned the phone and changed my service plan.  My adult daughter was with me on both occasions and was witness to the explanations I was given.  I asked for but did not receive any paperwork and was shown on the representative’s tablet screen what the credit for the phone would be and what my new bill would be.

Because of a confusing email I received dated 2/23, I returned to the Verizon store the next day and again requested confirmation of what my monthly charges would be.  Another store representative verified what I had been told before and went further to say that my February bill of $166.12 was covered by the credit for the phone and that my new monthly bill would, in fact, be covered by the balance of the credit for another 2.5 months.  Once again, I was shown my file on a tablet and given no paperwork. 

On February 26, I received another email from Verizon  indicating that the credit had been processed, my February bill paid with the credit and a remaining credit of $250.48 existed.  On March 9, I received an ebill from Verizon  that indicated my February bill had not been paid and I now owed $248.94.  Since that time, I have called Verizon multiple times and spoken with representatives, supervisors, and upper lever supervisors.  Their explanation is that the “credit” was, if fact, an erasure of the amount still owed on the phone and they have offered no remedy other than a “good will $25” for their three employees’ and email’s misrepresentation of the transaction. 

While I am going to pay them the amount they are insisting upon so not to interrupt my cell service and blotch my credit rating, I believe there was substantial misrepresentation by Verizon. All they had to do was explain to me that there was still monies owing on his phone and any "credit" would simply offset those charges. They went out of their way to mislead me in this regard. 

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Re: Has anyone else been mislead by Verizon failing to disclose a material fact?

a contract is a contract, when did you get the s5??

good luck on the complaint.