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How can I get a new phone when....

Verizon wants me to get a new phone because there is a 1% chance my Note 7 might catch fire but the only other options I'm willing to settle for (iPhone 7 Plus) won't ship out till the end of NOVEMBER. The phone rep tells me i should consider another phone. SURE IF YOU GIVE IT TO ME FOR FREE! I Refuse to spend another $500. on another phone, ESPECIALLY one I don't want. WE should be bumped up to the front of the line considering the inconvenience for at-least 2 day shipping! And another thing thats aggravating is I can't purchase the phone online even if I wanted to because once I log into my account the option to just pay the upgrade fee isn't available. Verizon only wants me to pay full retail or $40.00 every month for 2 years which equals the FULL RETAIL PRICE. TOTAL SCAM! So the term UPGRADE isn't even valid anymore because an Upgrade in my mind mean you are receiving something at a discount considering your LOYALTY of being a customer for at minimal 2 years. Im truly considering jumping ship to another phone company and pulling all my lines with me because Im so disgusted with the way this is being handled. After buying this Note only 2 weeks ago and paying for the upgrade price instead of the Month to Month (WHICH WAS A HASSLE BY THE EMPLOYEES WHO TRIED TOOTH AND NAIL TO SUCKER ME INTO THE MONTH TO MONTH UNTILL I PULLED OUT MY CALCULATOR AND SHOWED THEM THEY WERE TOTALLY LYING ABOUT HOW IT WOULD SAVE ME MONEY), Now they want me to pay another fee that will equal out to $550, instead of making it an even swap but they won't take the phone so i have to wait to ship it back and wait for a credit that could take up to 2 months. So basically verizon at one point or another will have over $1,000.00 of my cash for a single phone! Im SO angry right now. i can't even believe out of all things in life i can get so mad over a phone, but verizon made sure I did. Its amazing how a multi billion dollar company treats their customers so cheaply.

Sincerely- A Customers thats paid you THOUSANDS of dollars in bills over the past 14 years.

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Re: How can I get a new phone when....

You have hit the nail on the head about "upgrade" pricing. I think you speak for a lot of us and how frustrating this is.

One of the many poor customer service issues I had (this is the only one not corporate stores related) I called to this exchange for my two note7s and was told I needed to pay taxes...sure whatever we are supposed to get original taxes refunded but I look at the email order confirmation and guess what the sneaking you know what also charged me that ridiculous upgrade fee!! How good is that customer service?!$?!

Re: How can I get a new phone when....
Verizon Employee

We are sad to learn you are feeling this way. We definitely value our loyal customers and hope we have provided you with excellent cellular and data service over the past years. The recall was not mandated by Verizon, but we are doing everything we can to help our customers who are affected by this recall. Once the phone is returned, you will receive credit for everything. This will include the upgrade fee, the tax, and the new phone will ship overnight at no charge to you.