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I hate the NOTE 3

Is anyone else having problems with cell service with this junk phone. I live in a 4G area, my friends that come over with AT&T have full 4G service. Other numbers under this account work fine in my house. I on the other had have to walk down the street to make a call or send a darn text message. I spent hrs on the phone with Tech support and still can not get this phone to work. I am so unhappy with the phone I am getting rid of it. It's complete junk.

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Re: I hate the NOTE 3

i love it as a tablet but i cant make phone calls and im going to blast them all over the internet if they dont get my service fixed

Re: I hate the NOTE 3

There must be something wrong with the radio on the VZW Note 3. It seldom gets 4G service for me and I've already had it swapped out once.

I live in Phoenix -- right in the middle of a four million person metropolis and a mile from a giant Verizon tower. I thought I was in a dead zone, then I moved.

Same 3G nonsense.

I had my Nexus 4 modified to use the LTE radio on T-Mobile before switching to VZW four months ago. I'd get 20-30 mbps Speed Tests all around town.

In the off event I'm driving around and see three or (gasp!) four LTE bars, I'll run a Speed Test ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 mbps, tops.

Re: I hate the NOTE 3

Both mine and my wife note 3 having a same problem making and receive phone call at home.  My work phone is not a note 3 with verizon is working fine at my home.  I live in the city and never have signal problem even with t-mobile.  I think note 3 have a signal receiving issue.  However verizon tech did not think so.  They will send two new note 3 to me.   I refer to get a different phone, but I can not.  Will see how new phones will work.  I may go back to t-mobile.  It is suck that you think you get better signals by paying extra money to switch from t-mobile to verizon.  The tech said that he never see any problem with note 3.  It is a lie since you can see how many people have a same problem without any complaint?

Re: I hate the NOTE 3

I have also has issues with my note 3 since I got it in November. 90% of the time I have no service at my home while other Verizon phone are fine. I have tried factory resets and pulling the sim card. It appears it is an inherent problem with the note 3 antenna or software as I have seen several threads regarding the problem. My note 2 did not have any of these issues in the same location.

Re: I hate the NOTE 3

Me too! I've replaced the phone and the SIM card. Tech support us great but it takes hours and I can do more with my time than try to continue the same troubleshooting.  I think I'm going to let them send me another phone because that is the only option I have unless I want to purchase a new phone again as I did this at full price! And I also have the Samsung Galaxy Gear (watch) so if I don't go into an S4 or S5 I lose that investment.