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I have ALL the questions!

As there are no comparable phones to "upgrade" to, I was wondering if we could do like what you suggested during the first recall? Where we choose a temp. replacement phone (any other available phone) and when a comparable phone to the Note 7 comes out, such as the Pixel XL or LG v20, we can re-exchange the temp. phones for the phone we WANT and don't feel like we're being steamrolled by paying full price for a down-grade all the while giving up our upgrade eligibility for 2 years.

I understand if you put a time-limit on the temp. exchange, even keep the 14 day return policy, but at least waive the restocking fee & activation fee.

So, hypothetically, I trade my Note 7 in for an iPhone 7. I don't like the iPhone, and I'm still within my 14 days, can I return/exchange the new iPhone for another phone (for free)? Or would that incur restocking fees & etc.?

ALSO - From all of the other responses I'm reading, it sounds like all of the "refunds" are actually credits to your mobile account? Is that only for the activation fee we are forced to pay up front to switch phones, or is that how the accessories will be "refunded" as well? What if we return the Note 7 completely and use an old phone we already use or even switch to another provider? Do we get an actual money refund, or still just account credit?

And I understand your recent text directed us to "upgrade" online, but I read a reply from a Verizon Rep that said the stores should still honor the exchange process just as good, is that correct?

Please help me wade through this nightmare...

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Re: I have ALL the questions!
Verizon Employee

skizdidlyidler, I assure you that we want nothing more than to put the best phone for your needs in your hands and I would be happy to help.

At this point in time we are exchanging the replacements at our store locations and also placing orders for customers ourselves. What we can do is place an order from our existing inventory Shop Phones and Devices - Verizon Wireless

If you return the phone within the 14 day return policy the restocking fee would apply. The refunds for the accessories will be handled as credits to the account, also In regards to the information that was supplied by our chat representative, the exchanges are being honored at our store locations.


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