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I was told by a Verizon cs rep i should keep the note 7 off i want to.....

After being up all night fretting over what to do about this mess, I finally decided to downgrade to the s7 edge until a new note alternative arrives next fall.....Vz cs rep FINALLY comes on the line and I tell her i need to downgrade to the s7 edge,  but that I want my contract so I can upgrade when available.... she says that's not a  option,  that I'll have to buy out the s7 before I can upgrade next year.  I tell her that's unacceptable because I've always had a note series and this is not the consumers fault.  She proceeds to tell me that if I really love the phone,  I should just keep it because only a small percentage are affected and what are the odds of mine catching fire.  I laughed because this was so unexpected.  I then asked if I would receive updates to the note 7. She said yes,  absolutely.  I laughed again.  There is no way they'll push updates out to the note 7. But this is what I was told today.  So if my phone call was recorded,  and mine does catch fire,  I'll have proof I was only doing what my carrier recommended.  Such [Removed]..... You can call five times in a row,  talk to five diff people about the same issue and receive five totally different answers.  They don't care about us as customers, that we've been through 2 months of [Removed], on the phone constantly dealing with this, driving back and forth to the vz stores, only to be told this and that, none of which turns out to be true.

They should suck it up and make this right, whatever it takes.  I have been with them for 17 years,  have 5 lines.  I've paid my dues as their customer.  MAKE IT RIGHT! I know most of it falls back on Samsung, but get together and get a game plan already.  Do right by your customers,  or they'll be no customers!

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Re: I was told by a Verizon cs rep i should keep the note 7 off i want to.....
Verizon Employee

Your safety is our top priority Jimim. We want to ensure you have a safe device to use. Although the current recall is voluntary, it is still recommend to return the Note 7. I know that annual upgrade option is nice to have with the phone. At this time, the only other phone available for that plan is the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. As soon as any new information is available, we will ensure to keep our customers up to date. We truly value your 17 plus years with us and appreciate your understanding during this time. Please reach out to us directly if you need any assistance with ordering a new device or processing the return.


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