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Intermittent TXT Messaging Issue

Within the last 2 weeks I have been having an intermittent, but increasing txt messaging issue with people.  It started by them recieving jumbled messages at fir and has now morphed into them not always getting my txt messages.  I have cleared all the caches, restarted the device numerous times, change from messages  to normal messages.  Even turned on the delivery reports (which don't come back either) when sending if the message doesn't go through.  I have been using the phone with no issue since it shipped and have only started having this issue with the last couple of weeks and as of last night a msg they sent me took 3 hrs. to arrive.  Any help would be appreciated as it mainly affects the prson I txt most and is very annoying and unreliable.  If I can't communicate with this person I may have to switch carriers.

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Re: Intermittent TXT Messaging Issue
Customer Support

It's important that your text messages are working properly, gurv07728. I appreciate the steps that you have taken on your own. Are you using the default text message application? If you send a message to yourself do you receive it right away?

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