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Just switched to new phone in February

Just recently got the Galaxy Note 5 around February. When I go into my applications manager to clear caches and stop some applications from running or uninstall applications I'm no longer using I've noticed there are many duplicates of the same application that come pre-installed in the device. Like I have three weather apps listed that have different version numbers, 2 screenwrite apps bows with different version numbers and the list goes on. Like I said these are all applications that come pre-installed in the device and it seems like every time a new marshmallow patch version comes through it duplicate for triplicate the preinstalled application. Anyone else having this problem some of these applications are pretty big in size I have the 64 rather than 32, I didn't want to worry about having enough space on my phone, I do not have a lot of applications I myself have installed and it seems like every time they update the Marshmallow "version" I have more duplicated preinstalled applications in the app manager and also it seems the preinstalled applications are getting bigger and bigger in size! Literally with the last update in June my Google app was around 100 and after that update it was like 230mb+ just from the update!

Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my question. Best regards

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Re: Just switched to new phone in February
Customer Support

We appreciate that you have reached out to us with your concerns with your apps. We want to help you get these issues resolved. After thorough research of the issues you're experiencing, we recommend that you perform a restore/repair on your device.  If this does not resolve the issue you may consider a hard reset on your device or you may contact the manufacturer. Please keep us posted so we can assist you further, if necessary.

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