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KitKat Update Issues

I have noticed several problems since installing the latest KitKat update for my Galaxy Note 3 and wanted to post them to see if anyone else has noticed these issues and to hopefully make Verizon (more) aware of them:

  • WiFi connections are unreliable and are not usable after a short time. The icons will show that it is connected but apps will fail to connect to the internet and timeout with a message that says there is not internet connection. Turning off wifi and forcing it to use 4G resolves the problem immediately. I have had this happen both at work and at home. I have several other computers that use both networks with no issues. Because of this, I have gone over my monthly data allowance for the first time ever.

  • GPS is unreliable. It seems to work all right for a while after a reboot but it will eventually stop providing the location. At first I thought it might be an app issue but it happens at the same time for both Waze and Google Maps.
  • Had an issue connecting to Mobile Hotspot. I have only used it a couple of times since the update but the first time I tried, my computer said it was connected but there was no internet connection. The phone at first did not show that the computer was connected. After refreshing the Mobile Hotspot settings, it did show that the computer was connected but the computer was still not able to access the internet. I tried again another day and it worked normally.
  • 4G connectivity is less consistent than before. Areas where I used to consistently get a 4G signal will now often only give me a 3G signal and when I move to an area that I know has a strong 4G signal, the 3G signal will persist. Restarting the phone seems to temporarily restore the 4G connectivity back to normal.
  • Battery appears to be draining faster than before.
  • Performance is hit and miss. At times the phone seems more responsive and smoother to use but at others it stutters or hangs up for a few seconds.

I love the Note 3 but I have seen more problems from this update than benefits and it has made my phone somewhat less useful to me. I hope that Verizon is going to push out an update soon, especially for the wifi issues because that is going to cost me money if not fixed quickly.


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Re: KitKat Update Issues

I am having the same problems.

Re: KitKat Update Issues

Ever since the KitKat update, the GPS on my Galaxy Note 3 has become almost unusable. It takes much longer to get a fix, and once you start moving, the gps location starts jumping all over the place causing google maps to semi-continuously try to recalculate. This has turned what was a GREAT road warrior device into something completely unusable for navigation. I read that the AT&T KitKat update impacted gps on the GN3, maybe verizon support can check to see what they did to fix the issue.

Re: KitKat Update Issues

I have the same exact problems! Wifi is being super annoying! Pure Gps won't get a fix. What happened?! This update is garbage Verizon! Fix it!

Re: KitKat Update Issues

I am also having issues with my Galaxy Note 2. My Google play store would not work, it completely dumped my Amazon Kindle app contents. My Facebook and instagram are not updating, And the battery drain is ridiculous! My phone always charged quickly. It too all night to charge, WTF?  How can this be reversed? I don't want this update and I'm real leery now of getting future updates. Come on Verizon we need some quick solutions on this screw up.

Re: KitKat Update Issues

Yesterday's update rendered my phone completely useless. Can't even flash (or whatever it's called to go back to factory settings) to get the phone past a software error page. Went to Verizon store. They were unable to help.

Re: KitKat Update Issues

I'm really kinda worried now. Some of these post are 2 weeks old.

Re: KitKat Update Issues


Have you tried wiping your cache partition?  I noticed extremely poor battery life after the KK update (maybe 5 hours of use before requiring charging) and I saw a message on one of the Android Central forum (actually for the AT&T version of the Note 3) that mentioned to try wiping the cache partition.  That appears to have worked.  Since then, my battery life has been phenomenal.  I don't know why this worked, or the downside of doing it.  But it worked.   As I write this, my battery is at 66%, and has been on for 14.5 hours (with one brief charge of 15 or so minutes in my car last night).

Here are the instructions for wiping the cache partition.

Wiping the Cache partition from Recovery Mode

This won't erase any important data.  Perform the following procedure:

1) Turn off the device.

2) Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time:

    a) Volume Up key

    b) Home key

    c) Power key

3) When 'GALAXY Note 3' appears on the screen, let go of the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.

4) When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.

5) Press the Volume Down key to highlight 'wipe cache partition.'

6) Press the Power key to select and wipe the cache.

7) With 'reboot system now' highlighted, press the Power key to restart the device.

Good Luck!

Re: KitKat Update Issues

Sorry but nothing fixed the issues on the past two phones I had and the one I have on. I just ordered the THIRD replacement. I end up replacing the phone every two weeks. I did the factory reset, wiping cache, samsung tried and could not push the update through and the Samsung rep told me that this is a Verizon issue. I did everything to av[avid avid the I'd

Avoid the update. Sorry for the messed up writing but the phone lags soo bad then attempts to catch up. I dialed Verizon at 615 the phone did nothing then 15 minutes called Verizon.  This is ridiculous.  On Tuesday I will have a FOURTH phone since February. Then to top that Verizon states I will get 25gb on the cloud cause I am on the more everything plan but only gave me 5 so yeah with each replacement I am using valuable information. If I could post pics I would show the screen shot I sent to my boss $ hoping.

Showing that I sent her a message over an hour and a half ago then is STILL trying to send.

I am done with all of this.

Re: KitKat Update Issues

Thank you for documenting the issues so clearly. I'm suffering from all of these same issues. I was waiting patiently for a fix, but my patience has worn out since its been four weeks since my first call to Verizon.