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Kitkat Forced It's Way Into My Phone & Ruined It

I hate Kitkat.  It has ruined my Galaxy Note 3 that was working perfectly before Google, Samsung and Verizon conspired to force this untested malware upon unsuspecting customers as well as suspecting ones like me who tried for over a month to avoid the popup which eventually tricked me into pressing the install button when it popped up as I tried to tap my camera icon, causing me to unintentionally hit the install button.  Either that, or it just finally installed itself anyway, despite my trying to dismiss it. 


Now my camera is broken - it takes the picture AFTER it makes the click sound & captures Pictures of my feet instead of the subject.

I no longer have the freedom to move and rename files as I choose, or save my edited photos to locations in the format I choose.

My battery drains faster, I miss phone calls & my voice mail is broken.

The Verizon voice mail app said that because of the changes to my phone, I needed to update to Visual Voice mail and this notice persisted even when I declined (much like the annoying Kitkat), until I finally relented because it was stated to be "free" and I thought I might get rid of the message this way.  Well, Verizon lied, because the next screen of terms & conditions then revealed there would be charges to my data plan and  Decline or Accept buttons.  I again chose decline, and I continue to receive this message whenever I a open the voice mail app, despite having logged into my account & changing my options back to regular basic voice mail.  So the app is broken & no longer connects me to voice mail, & I still have no idea what Visual Voice mail is.

The real kick in the butt is that the main reason I chose Verizon in the first place was to get a Note 3 phone that still came with Android 4.3 Jellybean, without all the bugs & file access limitations.

Thanks a lot Verizon for throwing your customers under the bus instead of putting our best interests last, after yours & your co-conspirators, Google & Samsung.  You're all a bunch of liars & crooks, IMO, and you've turned an amazing phone into a daily annoyance.

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Re: Kitkat Forced It's Way Into My Phone & Ruined It
Customer Support


I am so sorry to hear of the many issues you have had since the KitKat update on you Note 3. We want you to love your phone again as you once did. Have you tried to hard reset your device since the software update?


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