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Latest "update" is a pain - and a scam

As a result of the 26 August updates, Email no longer sync automatically, I have un-installed and reinstalled all the email accounts, but it still does not sync the email accounts every 15 minutes. I have to go into Settings>>Accounts>>Email and select SYNC ALL in order to retrieve emails (and some times that does not even work). WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM?

But, a new annoyance I just discovered: with the new updates, Verizon removed all my default settings for my apps. I suddenly discovered that I have used up all my data for the billing period because Verizon removed my "use Wi-Fi only" restrictions on these apps. In previous billing cycles, I only used about 10% of my data each month; since 26 August, my phone has used up over 75% of the data capacity already.

Really, Verizon? IS this your way of getting us to pay for more data capacity?????

What a scam!


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Re: Latest "update" is a pain - and a scam
Customer Support

Updates are designed to enhance your phone funtion, SueDan. I'm sorry this hasn't happened with yours. There weren't supposed to be any changes to the email or WiFi features/functions at all so this is certainly concerning. Do you only have one email account on your phone? I know you mentioned that you deleted and readded the email account. Do you remember if you re-added manually? If not, please try using the steps on the following link:

Also, have the app updates, (to update over WiFi), been corrected? Again, this should not have changed. Once email and WiFi settings are updated, please try placing phone in Safe Mode for about 6 hours. This will disable any 3rd party apps, but basic phone functions will work normally. The reason this may help is because it could be that the new software isn't compatible with some apps on the phone, causing these issues. It can take developers some time to update apps to become compatible. However, this will let us know if that's what is happening. If you notice an improvement with how the phone is working, while in Safe Mode, I would recommend removing some apps, starting with apps not used in the last 2 weeks. Please restart phone when you remove apps, and keep us posted.

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