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Lollipop 5.0.1 Verizon Note 4 - Broken wifi

Well, I thought it was too good to be true.  Smiley Sad

I updated my phone late last night and everything seemed to go smooth.  As it was approaching 1am, I noticed my web surfing was a little slow on wifi, however upon looking at it this morning, I was just hitting cached pages.

I turned off all the advanced wifi settings, turned off Download Booster, deleted the wifi profiles and re-created them however no luck.

I need to get my wifi working again, and this is a big problem due to work use.



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Re: Lollipop 5.0.1 Verizon Note 4 - Broken wifi

I think I found a work around, but not 100% sure if it will help others.

What I did was to delete all the wireless profiles, battery pull and rebooted the router.  Once the router came back up, I put the battery back into my Note 4 and set the wireless profiles back up.  I'm using WPA2, so not sure about any other wireless configuration.

The problem seemed to disappear, so to test I disabled Mobile Data so everything would be pushed through the wifi.  I ran a speed test here at home and got 296Mbps down and 35Mbps up.  This is consistent with the package I'm paying for at home.

Then I disabled the wifi, re-enabled Mobile Data and ran the same test using cellular data.  It was 12Mbps down and 8Mbps up.  This was the norm I've always seen so I know both are working.

THE ONLY problem I have is that the 4G/LTE always shows connected even when the Wireless is enabled.  It's a little unsettling seeing both connected. I did setup a wireless sniffer to capture Wifi data when using my phone (yes, I'm a Senior Level Network Engineer), and watched the amount of data going over wifi and what wasn't.  It looked like only texts and "some other" background processes were running through the 4G connection.  No, I didn't see what was going through the 4G, but I had my wife text me with and without pictures and I never saw that traffic on the wifi network. 

Now, this wasn't an exhaustive 24/7 5 day test, but one I setup in about 15 minutes.  I was more worried with getting my Wifi working for work than anything else.  These were just my initial assessments.

Here are my Complaints with Lollipop 5.0.1 for the Galaxy Note 4!

1.)     Why would ANY software upgrade require the wireless router to be rebooted to work with it?  In an enterprise network, like one I manage, this isn't an option.  This is poor integration and programming on Samsungs/Verizons part.  Were these even tested outside of your homegrown network???  If I sent out code like this to 100's of thousands of people with a bug in it, I'd be fired!

2.)     Why on EARTH would you send this out without exhaustively testing?  DAMN people...what kind of business are you running?  I can bill you my rate of $275/hour to test this crap if you want, but I'm getting the feeling you're too cheap so you just let the customers fix it.  SHAME!!!

3.)     I have been with Verizon/360 Communications/Sprint Cellular/Centel Cellular (yes, those are the past names of Verizon Wireless for the kiddies in order) for over 20 years, and as technology advances, it appears you get dumber and dumber.  I'm sorry for venting here, however there has to be some acceptance of blame because 95% of the people I have to deal with on the phone at VZW would be gone.  I don't want some sob story that you can't find any qualified people out there, because this is a reflection of Verizon Wireless and their "vetting" process. You can train people to be professional and "think outside of the box", but it depends on the business model and willingness to do so.

I'm sorry, but I'm really disgusted with having to do your work for you.  This really shows the ignorance and willingness to stay ignorant and give crap away versus educating your reps and they doing the same with the customers.

Take this how you will, but "I" fixed the problem I was having without having to do a hard or soft reset and risk losing data.

Time to step up VZW


Re: Lollipop 5.0.1 Verizon Note 4 - Broken wifi

The issue I've noticed is Wi-Fi continually scans for Wi-Fi even when connected to a Wi-Fi network. This is with the option for continuous scanning unchecked.

Re: Lollipop 5.0.1 Verizon Note 4 - Broken wifi

All I've gotta say is that wifi problems suck, but the minute I finished the update my phone was ready to catch fire and I started losing battery at a rate of 1%/minute.My Verizon

Re: Lollipop 5.0.1 Verizon Note 4 - Broken wifi

Thanks for your post!

For mine, I only had to remove the battery from my Note 4.

Did not have to reboot my router.

Re: Lollipop 5.0.1 Verizon Note 4 - Broken wifi

Removing the battery for my Note 4 as well resolved the WiFi Issue.

Behavior I experienced was:

1) Wireless icon indicated I connected to the wireless network

2) Obtained an IP address

3) Could not ping local gateway (found that odd)

4) Used an app called Network Signal Info and it showed that I was missing my local gateway IP and naturally not able to pull an external IP (because I could not get out past local gateway).

5) Resolution: Powered down phone, Pulled battery out, waited 1 minute, reinserted battery and rebooted phone. Was then able to ping local gateway and get an external IP. Confirmed using