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Marsh update issues.. Where/when's the fix or lollipop.

The marshmallow 6.0.1 update I received a couple weeks ago is destroyed allot of the aspects I loved about my phone upgrade from note 3 to note 5. It's honestly the update issues. I'll list a few I've experienced, and the one my wife experienced (note 5)

*battery life went from all day to 2-3 hours at most

        + the percentage jumps. 23%.. 18%.. 5% in the matter of 3 mins

        + just cause you close all apps and kill the screen, don't think your phone will be living when you wake up. It won't.

*swype usage is all over the place. Inconvenience art best.. Calibration seems slightly off. And like someone may have passed out on the delete key of commonly used words too

*ram upstage upstage usage (see previous bullet) !Naturally (again).. ¡Manually typing! Ram Usage... Seems over clocked and underspeed.. And I close all but one or two Windows. I compare it to trying to accomplish anything while your apps update.

*wife's phone... Would Not Charge. I felt like a jerk. (She probably doesn't have it plugged in... Or the surge protector is off) nope.. I got it work. Switching the chargers multiple times.. Shutting it on and off a few times. Fast charger... Slow charger... Back to fast charger. Eventually something clicked. But for a couple days she was nervous.

*Wi-Fi... Way worse

*phone reception.. A great deal worse. Internet wise. Haven't noticed with phone calls.

* screen brightness.. Inconvenience at art<<<<ahhhhhhhhhh at best. It's lost its ability to figure this out. Equivalent to a guy that can't figure out when to actually wear sunglasses. Bright outside (no glasses, stares at sun).. Midnight in the country (uv, gamma, suv4x4, 40/40, nuclear tested, ray protection glasses on). It's confused most of the time. Granted I exacerbated << this guy here.. exaggerated a bit.

But yeah it's lost its ability to be a fine >>created<<< [seriously] Crafted tool.. And allot of regret with this one. Next time I'll do some waiting before pressing the update button. Which is extremely difficult with this A.D.D. Factor I have going for me. But seriously. I need a fix. Thinking about 74% of the issues/complaints I read on here tonight are marshmallow issues. Voicemail being top one.. Battery being two. Just want a fix orrr a solid link for note 5, Verizon... Lollipop

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Re: Marsh update issues.. Where/when's the fix or lollipop.

Phone is running hot too. Like pretty pretty pretty warm. Terminal is clean.

(Background) 5 yrs radar repair tech and 4 years communication support. U.S. ARMY.

And.. (are you guys hiring.. Lol. But seriously.. Hmu)

Re: Marsh update issues.. Where/when's the fix or lollipop.
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If you check the power management tool, does it point to a particular app or function that has morphed into a power hog?

Re: Marsh update issues.. Where/when's the fix or lollipop.

Yeah I downloaded a management app.. Just to see what was doing what in particular. The 'screen' app has jumped to about 47% usage. But all the issues seem to sync up with what I've read. So my curiosity is more so is there a remedy in the works. Sense it's been known for a bit. If so when can we expect it. If its going to be a while, I would like to get my hands on lollipop again.

Here's the link I originally read. There's links with in that go into some troubleshooting with nexus. Guessing for the note 5 & nexus, it's pretty similar.