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Marshmallow Update... Second Time Around

My warranty replacement Note 5 kept on trying to push the so-called updated Marshmallow update the last week. After calling into Verizon and speaking with an 'advanced team leader' I went ahead on Saturday and accepted the Marshmallow Update on my Note 5. I did a cache partition wipe before and after the update.

I could tell that during the first day of use, my phone was acting its usual weird way, battery drain wise, after a Google update on a Samsung Android. I've been with Verizon seventeen years and have been with Android since the beginning. The last update to my previous Note 5 caused massive HAYWIRE on the phone. To say I was concerned about this update, s a mild understatement! And I no longer want to do the FACTORY RESETS, that the techs always seem to push. Frankly, I've got better things to do with my time than to do four to five hours factory resets on a phone that is used for business and has no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

I've noticed that the Internet App drain on the phone has been very high. In fact, even much higher than the Screen usage. It appears as if the Internet app from Google is on a 'wavelock' or 'wakelock' meaning it's running almost all the time. I got on the phone twice with Verizon yesterday and a couple of cache cleanings were recommended through the storage settings. This has helped a little. The first call, they transferred me to Samsung and once again, that was a COMPLETE DISASTER!  Samsung reps are horrible communicators! Atrocious communication. In fact, the rep from Samsung hung up on me when I told her I could not understand what she was saying.

In the future, when and if Apple improves their displays even further and enables the user to configure their phones a little more than they do now, I'm going to make the switch to Apple like I did when I moved to a MacBook Pro from a PC, after thirty two years of using a PC.

Anyway, if a Verizon supervisor wants to call me to discuss the ongoing problems with Marshmallow and Google updates in general, feel free! Frankly, I'm tired of these Google-Samsung-Verizon updates that almost always seem to mess up the phones. BTW, my phone as working well on Lollipop with no issues to report!

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