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My text messages are out of order

When I send and receive text messages, they are out of order.  I used to see the text in order before the last security update on my Note 8. I receive messages that appear somewhere in the thread, but I have to search to find it.  Whenever I turn off my phone, it resets the date and time as well.  Now it's all messed up. My zip code is 29229, area code is 803.  Can this be fixed?

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Re: My text messages are out of order
Customer Support

We understand your concern. Does this happen with every message thread? Are your call times correct?

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Re: My text messages are out of order

With the June 29, 2018 to both my husband's and my Note 8, both phones phone call history is out of order, old calls are listed first and there are calls listed months in the future. Also all text messages are out of order, and out of order within the text messages. After spending several hours researching online forums and trying all the Verizon supported answers, nothing worked. I finally called and spoke to several Tier 2 tech support agents and finally, on the 3rd round got lucky enough to work with Lenny. He FIXED the problem. Here's how:

1. Upgrade your Verizon Cloud from free (which backup your contacts only) to whatever plan that will cover all the data on your phone; I backed up everything: photo's, videos, docs, call log history, text mesages. etc. This took several hours to do the first time.

2. Lenny then emailed me two articles and said I needed to:

     a. Delete my entire call log history

     b. Delete all my text messages

The articles for the Note 8 are here: Delete Messages - Samsung Galaxy Note8 | Verizon Wireless

Delete Samung Galaxy Note 8 here: Call History - Samsung Galaxy Note8 | Verizon Wireless

3. Restart phone

4. Upon restart the Verizon Cloud would automatically restore my saved data, but in correct order; and it worked.

Apparantly the Samsung Android Software Update caused my data files to be corrupted.  The fix above worked and thank you Lenny for understanding the extreme frustration this caused as I use my phone nearly 100% for work and subscription text message services which were out of order for the last 2.5 months.