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New phone, poor battery life?

I received my Note 4 a few weeks ago. It came with the 5.0.1 BOG5 baseband. I barely manage 4 hours of screen on time on a phone that averages 6-7. I'm starting to think that the issue is with 5.0.1 because Android OS and Android system are always using more battery than the screen. I don't have many background processes, just messenger and a few others. I've talked to a rep that said December 3rd but after that proved not true I talked to another rep that said he would email me if he could find any information on the 5.1.1 update and also suggested that Verizon will skip 5.1.1 and go straight for 6.0 which concerns me. I have yet to receive any email. Battery life is not the only issue,  the recents menu tends to be fairly sluggish even with minimal apps open. I hope to enjoy this phone the way other people did while it had KitKat.

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Re: New phone, poor battery life?
Customer Support

Traceecrawford, we want you to enjoy your device as well. Although there is no information available about a jump from 5.0.1 to 6.0. We will still like to troubleshoot the device. I have a Note Edge which is basically the same device and experienced the same issue you are having. I had to do a factory reset to remedy the problem. Have you considered trying that? When you speak of screen on time. What does the usage consist of?
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Re: New phone, poor battery life?

I have factory reset my phone 3 times. I have also wiped the cache partition multiple times as well. The max screen on time I have gotten from my phone is 4.5 hours. On average I get 3.5.

Re: New phone, poor battery life?

My advice? Leave Verizon or get a different phone. Take a look at the incredible amount of threads and posts here, and you'll see so many people pissed off about issues with the Note 4 and 5.0.1. One thread alone has almost 40 pages of Verizon not giving an answers and people leaving Verizon. I loved my phone before, but with Verizon shitting on their customers, it's not even close to as good as it once was.

If you didn't know, Verizon is now dead last in getting out the 5.1.1 update, and nobody knows when, or if, we will be getting either update (5.1.1, or 6.0). It's all speculation because they can't/won't give us any answers.

I'm sorry you are having these issues, but Verizon doesn't care. They've been telling the rest of us for *months* to do the same factory resets, uninstall of apps, etc, when they don't do any good. We need 5.1.1 and Verizon couldn't care less.