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No instructions for those who do not wish to exchange or upgrade

Why have there not been any instructions either emailed, texted, or posted on the VZW Note 7 Recall FAQ on how to return the Note 7 for people who do not wish to upgrade or exchange for another new device?

Let’s say someone already owns another device that they want to use instead of the recalled Note 7. I know we can do this, so I’m not actually asking for help in doing so. What I'm asking is - why are there no clear and concise instructions already listed anywhere on the website or in the automated texts and emails VZW sends regarding the Note 7 Recall? It seems that the only option Verizon is notifying people about is the option to exchange for a new device/upgrade to have the special box sent out to return the recalled phone.  

Why not have something easy for the general public on the Note 7 FAQ to follow such as:

If you already own another device that you wish to use in place of your recalled Note 7, please go online/contact customer service and do “X” and an approved shipping container will immediately be sent out to return your recalled device. 

I know this option would not generate any extra revenue for Verizon, but I would hope that the company would put people’s safety first VS only trying to get people to upgrade or buy another new device. Thanks for reading!

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Re: No instructions for those who do not wish to exchange or upgrade

My son and I have gone back to our old phones.  Yesterday I went to the Verizon Corporate store (we bought our phones online from the VZ web site) to return them, since that is what CS told me I could do Sunday.  The corporate store said they would not take the N7s for return, that CS didn't know what they were talking about, and we had to wait for the return boxes.  The associate then showed me that my return boxes had already been automatically ordered and shipped to my address back on 12-Oct - still waiting for them to show up.  So, you probably can call CS and ask if they can verify that your return box(es) have been sent to you.  At this point, it appears that all we do is wait for the return box and send the phone back once we get it.

That still doesn't excuse VZ for not posting the instructions for those of us that do not want to "upgrade" and just go back to our old phones to await a suitable replacement in the future.