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No more Annual Upgrade for S7 and S7 Edge

While I am lucky not to be impacted by the Note 7 Recall, I was waiting to purchase one none the less.

I am a loyal Galaxy S follower since the S3, but the phone is too small now and I need a stylus and was eagerly awaiting for the Note7.  Didn’t want the Note 5 based on experiences with my S6 regarding the expandable memory condition the Note7 was rumored to resolved.  But I was waiting for my S6 to get to the lease exit point on Sept 5th to do a new Edge plan for the Note 7 when this disheartening battery issue was identified.

On hearing how Samsung will "replace" the battery, I did not want to spend nearly $930 (with tax) on device who had its back cracked open
then resealed .. Essentially a factory refurb unit at full retail cost.  So I lowered my expectation and sacrificing the stylus requirement I was going to choose the S7 Edge instead; at least I would get a better camera and a bigger screen, right?

WELL, that’s a bad option too!  Read the fine print folks.  The Samsung program for “Annual Replacement” has expired for the “S7” class devices as of Sept 9th.  If you buy a S7 Edge now, you’re locked into the 24mos \ 75% exit point again.  Only the Note 7 qualifies for the 1yr \ 50% exit deal and its not for sale.  Don't believe? check for yourself; since the Note 7 is removed from the site, view the new Apple phone purchase option, below the price is a few “disclaimer statements.  Click the question mark next to the phrase “Annual Upgrade Eligible” then click the “full terms” hyperlink. details on the Samsung impact is the last paragraph  ... see?

With this annual upgrade feature discontinued I would be locked in and have to wait till the Note 9 for my next upgrade .. sucks!

I have been burned more than once by what an in-store sales person says, so until Samsung\Verizon modifies the “Annual Upgrade” printed statement, you can assume you will be locked into a 24mos term purchasing the S7 Class device.  Disappointing, now I am going to have to wait till January so I can be assured Samsung places all the refurb\recalled units. And if I wait till January, next decision point is do I just wait for the S8 Edge who will likely have a better dual lens camera and faster processor?

And no .. Im not a hater; its just that after 18 mos of waiting It's disappointing to discover I have no options for a new device .. and I wont select the new ios option since if fails most of my smartphone requirements.

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Re: No more Annual Upgrade for S7 and S7 Edge

I just finished a chat on line with Verizon and was told that both the S7 and S7E are still on the Annual Upgrade.