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No signal when indoors and the phone does not reconnect (and other network issues)

Often when I go indoors, my Signal will completely cut out. This means so calls come in and none can go out and this happens all the time in areas my old Note 3 used to work just fine. I am attaching a screenshot. My phone also will refuse to reconnect to any network and will stay in this no signal state until I notice it and restart my phone. Unfortunately this means that I will often spend an hour or more not receiving phone call and will not know this until I look at my phone and see no bars with an x above them. This does NOT resolve itself and I am forced to restart the phone for it to reconnect (which it always does) to the network. Even after going in a strong signal area my phone will stay in this no signal state. This is unacceptable and after multiple calls and store visits I am still having this issue. I purchased a brand new top end phone with the "best" carrier and have absolutely 0 signal when I used to have good signal on my older Note 3.

My second issue is that I am ALWAYS unable to make calls and dropping calls when VO LTE is enabled...likely because the LTE tower in my area offers no building penetration. Thus I have had to disable this which is slightly better but I still suffer from this no signal issue no matter if I use VOLTE or not.

3rd signal issue (that I only recently discovered) is that the Note 5 only has 1 radio and thus it remains on and consumes huge amounts of batter while on Wifi. I have significant battery drain even while on wifi and my older Note 3 would go forever with no cell standby battery consumption. The battery consumption from cell standby even when connected to wifi is ridiculous.  In this screenshot it consumed 17% of my battery even while on wifi.



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