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No update yet? What's the hold up?

I am a very patient man when it comes to alot but I am beginning to lose it over the simple fact that I can't get my updates to my Note 3 as fast as other carriers. I'd be more comfortable if I knew why vs waiting in the dark. It's very frustrating!

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Re: No update yet? What's the hold up?

Don't worry, you aren't the only one. It'll probably take Verizon losing a few hundred thousand customers over usual before they even consider pumping out updates faster. They just make too much on pre-loading Android OS with gigs of adware you can't remove on a phone that you pay for. Like printing your own money. Smiley Happy

Why care about customers complaining about an OS update? They signed a contract. Nothing to worry about for now.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile, AT&T have a lot to gain by offering things Verizon doesn't - paying customers. And again, Verizon won't give a **** until they start losing a noticeable % of paying customers. So, don't expect a change anytime soon. Best you can do is vote with your wallet $$$.