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Note 3 XLTE idnt & TXTing app

I recently updated my note 3 from factory release firmware to the most current (NC4) like an idiot. Prior, I had five bars of LTE at home and work (around -79DB.) Immediately after the update it starts off as that..then after a moment drops to 3 (around -100db) in my bedroom. Data etc is still fine. Moving around the house nearing my basement it drops to 2bars..then pops back up to five. I believe this is it switching back to LTE-the 700MHZ frequencys and as such the phone starts @ 700 which is why I have 5 bars on start. It would be really nice to have an indicator at the top saying this. As it is we have too little's literally mobile data on or off no inbetween the note 3s radios are self-controlled. In the next update it would be really REALLY nice if we could force 3g, or turn off XLTE. This is NOT just my Note 3 doing this. My wifes Galaxy S5 does the same thing. That said, data works well in both cases. But it bothers me that there is no way to know what band the phone is operating on (unless someone here knows how to see that info without rooting?)

Secondly, this update has ruined the stock text messaging app. Scrolling through text conversations was seamless. Now it's jerky and laggy-particularly if the text contains pictures. This is unacceptable given the CPU/RAM this phone has. Just sloppy coding. Having said that, besides the text messaging app, the phone is slightly more responsive.

I see Verizon is pushing Android 4.4.4 to the Galaxy S5 now? Given that the Note 3 was/is a flagship phone-and less than a year old at that-it can't be long till we get it, can it?

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Re: Note 3 XLTE idnt & TXTing app
Customer Support

I'm sorry to learn that the latest software update to your phone has caused some service issues YayNote! I understand your desire for certain features and indicators on a future software update and I would like to recommend for you to reach out to the manufacturer at 888-987-4357 or with your great suggestions as they are the ones developing updates. I have personally experienced similar issues on my phone after the update and I was able to resolve by doing a Factory Reset Give it a try and test. Please ensure to uncheck at step number 3 **very important**. Keep us posted. As for future updates, we do not have any information of when or if your phone will receive a future software update; however, be certain that we'll push it if/when provided to us by the manufacturer.

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Re: Note 3 XLTE idnt & TXTing app

I performed a factory reset _before_ taking the update and then immediately after NC4 (the latest firmware for this device.) It was standard practice on Sprint. I came from an HTC EVO LTE that had horrible radios..and coupled with mediocre at best was a horrible experience.

The texting app issue has been resolved. For some reason CPU usage spiked when the messaging app was open and 'swype' was turned on. I don't even use swype so...problem solved. Turned it off and it's much more responsive now.

My main disconcern was going from -77DB 700MHZ LTE signal strength to three bars (-100DB) on XLTE. This was an immediate change with the update that enabled AWS band 4 (XLTE) The average user might even see this as the update breaking their radios. As stated, if I go further into my home it thankfully switches back to 700mhz and I get full bars again. Data and voice are fine in both instances. I did contact Samsung about it but given that they've already sent 4.4.4 to Verizon for the S5 I'm doubting they'll make any adjustments just because one guy suggests them. XLTE on/off for instances when the Note wants to hang onto a weak signal would be nice. This behavior, as stated, is not unique to the Note 3. The S5 does it as well and there is *no option* on that either to turn off XLTE.

For that matter, this isn't even a technical support *issue* merely a request. Anyway, thank you for responding!