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Note 4 reverting back to Kit Kat

I know I am in the long list of people that have complained about lollipop and the Note 4. Is there a way that I can revert back to Kit-Kat without rooting it and or it costing me the insurance deductible to replace this. Ever since I upgraded to lollipop apps lock up, battery consumption is WAY up. I used to get 2 days with usage now I get 10 hours with the phone mostly idle. I did a factory restore and the battery life is worse than it was before I did the restore, by a couple of hours. Apps are set to update with WIFI only, and I have it turned off. So it's not a software updating issue. Only time I have done any updates are when the phone is plugged in and charging during the night. So if anyone has some real, helpful suggestions, and possible ways to get this reverted back to Kit-Kat, it would be greatly appreciated. I am really unhappy with this and honestly think it is unacceptable that the OS would cause this sort of issue, with not just my phone but tons of other people, and that we would have to use our insurance claim or void our warranty by rooting it. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Re: Note 4 reverting back to Kit Kat

Samsung wrote the code to prevent reverting to the previous version of the OS. So, no, you can't go back to KitKat.

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Re: Note 4 reverting back to Kit Kat
Sr. Leader

Using an insurance claim would be folly.  Your phone would update again after activation.  However, and I know you said you have already factory reset before, but doing so without any restoration of apps or their app data would greatly benefit your phone.

Re: Note 4 reverting back to Kit Kat
Customer Support

Thanks for bringing your software concern to our attention Dizturbedone. Have you tried the suggestion that Snn5 provided? Thanks Snn5! If not then please do so and report back with the performance of the Note 4 without any 3rd party apps and info restored to the device. Also, keep in mind that the device settings will revert back to default once a software update is performed. This means that you have to re-configure the device to extend the battery life. Here's some tips for you to implement.

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