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Note 4 update causing restart loop

Like many others, the latest update for my galaxy note 4 last week causes random restart loops that render the phone useless. They continue until the phone dies or the battery is removed, and once it is charged they start up again. The phone has "come back to life" 2 or 3 times before crashing a few minutes later. It is not the battery, as some very uniformed and unhelpful people have stated in recent discussions.

After calling Verizon and Samsung, I was instructed to wipe the phone and factory reset, which did nothing. I was then told to take the phone to a bestbuy to see what they could do. They wiped it and installed the latest OS manually, but it did not work. The man said he had seen multiple people with the exact same problem on Verizon Note 4s this week, and that there was nothing anyone could do if it wasn't insured.

So to everyone out there with this problem: it is (so far) unfixable, is not the battery, and many people are having the issue. A mass of people talking to verizon or samsung is the only way I see that could lead to some sort of reparations/replacements, because under current policies there's nothing we can do. We should try to bring a class action suit if Samsung does not issue a statement. Its ridiculous that after just paying off the bill for my phone after two years, it breaks due to no fault of my own. Only together can we find a solution.

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Re: Note 4 update causing restart loop

Did you every get resolution? I also have random restarts in addition to my phone dropping calls while driving. Local Verizon store said it's a known issue, but won't do anything since my phone is out of warranty. The phone worked perfectly up until the update I ran on October.

Re: Note 4 update causing restart loop

Glad I'm not alone.  My phone was perfectly fine till this update.  Now it's a piece of [Removed].  I b think it's complete bull that they can't do anything about it unless it's insured.  Not our fault they pushed a faulty update out.

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