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Note 5 + Gear 2 Neo + Message+ = Multiple chimes for SMS

This is driving me batty.

On my Note 5 if I use the stock texting app I get ONE alert on my Gear 2 Neo for a new text. Using the Message+ app I get multiple alerts for a new text and repeat alerts for ones I haven't read yet.

It started with two chimes for a new text, then it became three, and now it's FOUR. That's right, for every new SMS I now get FOUR chimes on my Gear 2 Neo! I still only get one on the phone but the watch gets FOUR.

God help my watch if it's a group text because I will get four messages per text sent from anyone. I've literally seen my watch do nothing but chime endlessly for minutes at a time!

Messenger+ is set as the default app and text messages do not show up in the stock application. It's also set to never have a repeat reminder.

I'd like to keep using Message+ but my watch is almost overwhelmed with all these notifiers and frankly it's aggravating to listen to it chime and chime and chime and chime.

Does anyone know why this happening and how to stop it?

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Re: Note 5 + Gear 2 Neo + Message+ = Multiple chimes for SMS
Customer Support

We can certainly see how multiple alerts would be rather frustrating, MrCliffyG. Thanks for reaching out we want to learn more about the notifications. When specifically did this issue begin or has it always been this way? Have there been any recent updates to the device or the Gear 2 Neo? We are looking forward to hearing back and finding a resolution.

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Re: Note 5 + Gear 2 Neo + Message+ = Multiple chimes for SMS

I posted about this in April after the first update to 6.0.1

A couple people replied but their solution was basically what I am recommending IE find a different app.

It's the Verizon texting app in combo with the android 6.0.1 update. I've verified that the stock android app (already on the phone), textra, chomp all work properly.

see here for my post (looks like I spelled android wrong LOL in April):

Problems with notifications in the Verizon messages+ app after andriod marshmallow 6.0.1 update.


Re: Note 5 + Gear 2 Neo + Message+ = Multiple chimes for SMS

Me too, though I'm not up to 4 chimes, yet.  Still on 3.  Samsung Gear 2 Neo and a Galaxy Note 4.