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Note 5 to Note 8?

Okay - got notices to turn in my Note 7 - did that for a Note 5. Have not received the ceramic box for the Note7, but am seeing news items that say a Note 8 will be available in 2017 - will I qualify for (or be getting notice that because am a Note 7 victim) a free or discounted upgrade to the Note 8 from Verizon when it is released?? Understand it is early in the game, but the unbelievable rapidity with which we were told to turn in our "dangerous" devices has caused this problem. Not me. I would keep the Note 7 but that is quickly becoming illegal. So since I was forced (I was given no choice) to downgrade to the Note5, will I be one of the many who will (or at least should be) offered first crack at the Note 8 when it actually hits the shelf? Will there be some receipt from the returning of the Note 7 that will be my ticket to the New Note 8? I understand you probably do not have the answers, but I want to start the questions so you can ask them of the people who should be able to answer them. Someone should be keeping track of all of us victims and providing guidance and assurance that we are not "forgotten trouble makers" - just because we purchased a great phone from you that was mandated to be returned. Thanks for your time and patience. I am very happy with the way Verizon has assisted in the matter so far, but not very satisfied or confident that there is any corporate agency preparing for this series of questions I have asked. Will post this same data in the Note 5 forums.

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Re: Note 5 to Note 8?
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Apparently Samsung is indicating if you bought a Note 7, you will be eligible for 50% off a S8 or a Note 8. However there is a huge caveat right now - the promise is only for residents of Korea. There may be more clarification in the days ahead, but that is what I see the status as of right now. I think there was some confusion initially as the original release was in Korean.

Samsung promises Korean Note 7 owners a 50 percent discount on the Note 8 - The Verge

Original Korean:

Re: Note 5 to Note 8?

I heard when note 8 comes out VZW won't Carrie it. I would like to know if its a rumore. The guy at store told me.

Re: Note 5 to Note 8?

I would avoid the S8 or S8+. Samsung is running some sketchy math with the screen sizes. They are NOT as large as the note line ( I have a 4), which I can tell by placing the S8 or + on top. The S8 is about 1/4" narrower. They only get away with this because the screens are slightly larger.

I would suggest waiting, and if Verizon doesn't carry the Note 8, move on....