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Note 7 Recall Credit


I received a Note 7 as a replacement phone back in Sept/Oct 2016.  It replaced a Samsung Galaxy s6 Egde + because there was the closes like or better replacement.  I paid the deductible , taxes and activated the device.  The credit from my 10 payments on the s6 Edge+ was applied to the Note 7.  Shortly after that the Note 7 was recalled.  I called Verizon support and asked If my credit would be applied to the replacement device and I was assured that I would receive full credit because the recall was not my fault.   The Note 7 was returned in January after I received the Google Pixel phone replacement (excellent phone). Now it is April 2017 and I have no credit.  I called Verizon support multiple times over the past couple of days and I get the run around.  They told me that I don't get credit for the $390 I paid which was credited to the Note 7 because of "the way they switched the payment agreement" from the S6 to the Note 7. I am very frustrated and their explanations avoid the issue and I am getting a run around.  It boils down to "we don't know how to give you the credit so we aren't".   Some one help please!!!!  Anyone else having this issue ?


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Re: Note 7 Recall Credit
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Of all the horror story's of the note 7 I think this one is by far one of the worse. I am still waiting for the $50. they owe us for the 2 note 7 first recall we went thru but this is just unreal.

Please keep us posted on what you get worked out with Verizon over this.

Re: Note 7 Recall Credit

WOW... they are doing the same thing to me. I actually never caught until I went in to see if I could upgrade. Than I realized they never credited me the original cost of the phone. They said because the Note 7 (2nd version) was a complete recall, we would get the cost of the phone, taxes and upgrade fees returned. They never did it so after 5 hours on chat, I finally got a credit. BUt their credit was $69 short because now they want to claim the $100 credit from Samsung applies. Well yes I did receive $100 credit but that is supposed to be on top of the original phone cost, all of it. That's why the $100 is called a PROMO for buying another Samsung. The fact we have to go hunt for our refund of our returned phone is AMAZING. How many people have they done this to? And than to try and use the $100 Samsung promo to offset their return refund is a joke. This is completely illegal.