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Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8

If you owned a Note 7 with Verizon, and were FORCED to give it up, and had to DOWNgrade to a phone you NEVER wanted because you WANTED a NOTE 7, you are stuck with that phone you NEVER WANTED for another year because Verizon does not care??? Now, if you want to pay verizon the $500ish to pay off your contract with your phone. They will then take 1/2 off your Note 8 payments and it will take 24 months but you will eventually get about $450 back. What?!?!?! No.

This is how you do business:
Take back this phone I never wanted. Give me a Note 8 with NO discount. Keep your $450 or however much the exact amount is for a trade in of a S7 Edge. Apply that $450 to the balance I owe on the phone to end that contract. Or just make my "replacement phone" automatically available for an upgrade. DUH. It is NOT that hard. Get it right. You are treating us unfairly. And Samsungs hands are tied because this is VERIZONS STUPID CONTRACT.

Not to mention, we can not even take advantage of the Samsung offer because Verizon owns the S7 Edge phone and it is not paid off.  Someone really needs to think this through and work with us here.

I was told by Verizon they WILL NOT trade my S7E for a Note 8, unless it is paid off. This is insane! I was told I should understand that, because if I had a Note 7 I would not be eligible for a Note 8 upgrade either. Only problem with that STUPID statement, is if I had a NOTE 7, I would NOT be stuck in this mess. I would have a Note. I would not be trying to get a Note 8. I would be happy. FIX THIS MESS VERIZON!

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Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8

I am right there with you. Originally had Sprint and when I had to give back my Note 7 TWICE, I tried other phones (I had already sold my Note 4 to Sprint on buyback program) but I could not get used to them.  I wanted a Note 5 and Sprint didn't have any, so I switched to Verizon ONLY because they had Note 5s and I figured I could just upgrade to the Note 8 when it came out.  NOPE.  Have to pay off Note 5 first.  THIS IS SO UNFAIR AND WRONG. With Sprint, they let me go from the Note 4 WHICH WAS STILL ON A PAYMENT PLAN AND NOT PAID OFF to the Note 7 without penalty and without paying off the Note 4 first. NOW I WISH I'D STAYED WITH SPRINT AND SUCKED IT UP USING A PHONE I HATED. 

Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8

I spent 5 hours last night with VZW on this same issue.  Its not that hard, waive the remainder, let us get our NOTE 8.  I would not be upgrading if i still had my note.  We received a phone we did not want, and actually I was told I would be able to upgrade when and if the Note 8 came out, but now am being told I have to pay off this phone.  I did have a rep state they would give me a "rare" deal and if I paid it off now would give me 50% back.  I told them I didn't have $500 right now, had just paid VZW $200, as the rep I spoke with earlier in the day (another hour wasted) stated that once I paid the balance on my account I would be able to upgrade, so I paid my balance off early and that wasn't true as I was NOT able to update.  She then came back and said, how about this, we will give you 100% back, BUT you have to pay it off now first.  What part of I don't have the $500 now did she not understand.  If you can give me 100% off my remainder, then please just do it.

All I want to do is get a NOTE, that is what I wanted a year ago and that is what I still want.  VERY UPSET.

Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8

As far as Verizon is concerned you will most likely have to pay off the remainder of the balance to upgrade.

Remember the Note 7 was a Samsung [Removed] and Verizon wasn't the only carrier effected. I could see if it was a Verizon [Removed] and you wanted to hold Verizon to the fire for a remedy but you should be contacting Samsung for that.

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Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8

I could not be more disappointed thus far with this situation.  We were forced to return the Note 7, twice, and I had already turned my Note 5 in for the discount program.  I had no choice but to go to another phone.  So I ended up with a Pixel XL.  I was told, again, if and when, the Note 8 comes out I would be able to return to it.  I chatted with Verizon the day before the pre-order began and was told I could return the Pixel XL and the remainder of the purchase agreement would be waived and I could pre-order the Note 8.  I attempted to do so the next day, and have not been able to get it done yet.

Verizon, this is bad business.  Samsung didn't tell me this, YOU did and now YOU are not standing behind your word.  You say it is not your fault? Well, it is not the former Note 7 owner's fault either.  You made promises that you are not currently keeping and only offering a trad-in program that anyone can take advantage of while not looking after your committed customers.

How many people effected by the Note 7 recall actually have the device they were forced to go to paid off? Not many, I assure you.  I have been a customer with Verizon going on 15 years and this is the response?

Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8

I can't edit this message, so if you don't like it, then just delete it.

Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8

I have had the same conversation with Verizon.  However, it's even more messed up than just the Note 7 alone.

My time table:
1st phone: Note 7 (Aug 24th, 2016)

2nd phone: Note 7 (Sep 23rd, 2016)

3rd phone: S7 Edge (Oct 14th, 2016).

My issue is the annual upgrade program for Samsung devices under Verizon.  If they would just address this concern, it would solve the Note 7 problems.  If the S7 Edge was grandfathered in to the original Note 7 purchase date, (you know, the date when most of the Note 7 people wanted their phone), then we would qualify for the annual upgrade program.  See the Verizon FAQs below.  They are on their website right now.

***What's the annual upgrade program for Samsung devices?

-The annual upgrade program allows customers purchasing eligible Samsung devices to turn in that device after 30 days and payment of at least 50% to upgrade to a new eligible smartphone on a device payment agreement.

***I have other smartphones on device payment agreements. Are they eligible for early upgrades too?

-Maybe. It depends on when you purchased your device.

-Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 edge, purchased on a device payment agreement on or before 9/10/2016 are eligible for the Annual Upgrade program.

-The Annual Upgrade program is no longer available for Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 edge devices purchased on or after 9/11/2016.

I hope they can figure this out.

Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8
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While I understand the frustration-- if those that "didn't even want the S7" had decided to not do any upgrade at the point of the Note 7 fiasco return, rather than just to get into any new device for the sake of getting a new device, the upgrade eligibility would still be there-- correct?

This isn't the first time I have heard this, but no one forced you to do an upgrade once the Note 7 went sour. You had the opportunity to just do a return and wait rather than upgrade to get an S7 or a different device type which of course resets your eligibility, yet some of these individuals now want to be eligible for new devices when they were the ones who chose to upgrade to "phones they didn't even want".

While no one at that time knew when another Note device would be out, those wanting the next Note available shouldn't have performed any upgrades as the next Note (Note 8 it turns out to be) was available less than a year after the original Note 7 debacle, which for those that used their "Note 7 upgrade" on something else would just be like anyone else who just performed an upgrade (meaning waiting until eligible again....)

Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8

Actually, many who stuck with older Notes are in a situation also as their phone is not eligible for any trade in money with Samsung or their carrier.

Also, keeping us stuck in contract hurts Samsung because their target customers cant buy the phone. And bad for carriers because we can get other carriers to buy us out for switching and get the Note with them.

We arent asking for anything special or huge. Just the same offer distributed differently. If this doesnt apply to you, then no reason to voice. I could get the argument your side has if we were demanding free phones or something. Not the case.

Re: Note 7 Replacement Trade in for Note 8