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Note 7 and very disappointed in Verizon

So I was going to purchase the note 7 back in august but waited especially after hearing all of the issues with the battery. Once I heard they were for sale again I decided to get the only phone I felt upgrading for at the time since I already had the 6 edge+ and didn't see the need to get the 7 edge. Not only did I miss out on the promotion of getting a free item with the purchase I was told like everyone else to surrender my phone in exchange for another one. Now after four text messages, three emails and an automated call telling me its strongly advised to turn the phone in for another one I asked what I thought to be a simple question: Can I just get my S6 edge+ back because I don't want to start paying for a phone I don't want. My response was a curt "No". So now I have an S7 Edge that I do not want and have to pay the device payment plan for even though all I want is my S6 back since I had that paid off already and could just wait for the next note or another phone I actually want. The fact I have no choice but to go on a device payment plan and cannot have my already paid off phone back is disturbing and makes me the consumer feel as though I'm being punished. To make matters worse I never received my credit for the phone I traded in and also the promotion for the free memory card that was attached to the information sign for each phone is missing even though the date clearly said 10/17/2016 and no rep would help with that either. I was also told I would get the credit back for all I spend in a couple of billing cycles and the store would not take my phone back. So I really want to know how Verizon will fix this. I know it not their fault for the phones supposedly having such a catastrophic issue but why am I forced to get a phone I do not want instead of them doing the right thing and giving me back What I already had.

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Re: Note 7 and very disappointed in Verizon

From a lay person perspective, I am really puzzled by verizon unilaterally breaking contracts and in a way that is "convenient" to them only...  obviously, in this case everybody is more than inconvenienced. But there is an economic loss here for many people that goes beyond just loosing the use of the  note 7.  I am wondering what happens with new car + car trade and the lemon law.  If one trades in an old car for a new one and the new one is a lemon and need to be brought back, what happens with the old car trade?  It is fully part of the deal, again I am a lay person, but how can this part be completely ignored?

The following is a lawyer speech to sale services for lemon car :

"However, in a lemon law claim, if the manufacturer buys your vehicle back, you are refunded for the down payment, all of your monthly payments, your current registration fee, any towing or rental car fees, and your entire loan balance will be paid off in full by the manufacturer. The only amounts that may be deducted from your refund are aftermarket items that were added to the vehicle’s purchase at the time of the sale such as gap insurance or service contracts, and the mileage offset which is a credit to the manufacturer for the good miles on the vehicle before the problems began."

In this case, as a lay person perspective, the trade in phone would logically seem to be part of a downpayment and hence should be restored by manufacturer.  Depending on agreement between Verizon and Samsung this could be either of them.

In any case, we would need somebody with experience in this area to voice out an informed opinion, which would differ from state to state as well....