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Note II not charging properly.

About 3 days ago I started having issues with my Note II not charging properly. It says it's charging but the battery life keeps dropping, even when it's not in use and all apps are closed. I bought a new battery and even tried a different charger, but still got the same result. Only way I can charge it is if I turn the phone off and it still takes 4x longer than normal to charge. What can I do to fix this? Will Verizon replace my phone?

Re: Note II not charging properly.
Customer Support

Hi Amyscout4,

Let's locate your missing charge! Thanks for your hard work in attempting to resolve this issue. How long does it take the device to go from 100% to 0% charge? Has there been any liquid or physical damage to the device? Try charging the device in Safe Mode to see if the issue still occurs .

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Re: Note II not charging properly.

I am having a similar problem with my phone.  I charged it overnight and woke up about 7:30.  The battery was fully used and dead by 10:00 a.m.  That is not acceptable to me.  I always close out programs and I always do updates to the phone as requested (Samsung/Verizon).

I have it in safe mode, but not sure what good that will do to determine if an app is causing the failure.

I have several chargers for this phone and it always seems that it is always clicking in and off when I plug the charger in.  It is very very irritating to say the least.

Please, anyone, should I just get a new battery?  The phone is 16 months old.

Peggy DaValt