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Personal text message alerts not working

I have a galaxy note 4 and have searched the forums and done everything that way suggested yet it's still not working.

Ex: Contact Mom has ringtone mom is calling and message alert mom mom mom

      Dad has ringtone dad is calling and message alert is you have a message


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Re: Personal text message alerts not working
Customer Support

Hello angelischarmed! Sorry to learn of the trouble you're experiencing with your ringtones! Can you tell me more please about the situation and when the trouble began? Are the ring tones and alerts not working properly? If so, when was the last time they worked? Please share more details. Thanks!


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Re: Personal text message alerts not working

Hi...I just got the phone when I upgraded and the personal text alert hasn't worked from the beginning.

I've gone into contacts, set the specific ringtone and than add another field and click message tone and select the tone I would like to use but it doesn't work.  The ringtone works though.  I have tried it with different contacts and even restarted the phone and it still doesn't work.

I did go back to the store regarding another problem and told them and they said there wasn't anything they could do.  When I first upgraded the guy was great but the next day I went back with questions regarding the cloud and everything not transferring over and they were of no help.  I didn't appreciate the way I was treated after spending several hundred dollars for accessories that I could have purchased elsewhere for a lot less.  I even upgraded and got a tablet and will not waste my time to go to the store asking questions.  Thankfully I found more answers to my questions on these forums.

Thank you