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Phone keeps restarting

I have been having crappy WiFi connection on my Note 5 for a couple weeks now that could only be resolved (most of the time) by restarting my phone. Yesterday I checked to see if there was a system update, and low and behold there was. So, being STUPID I did the update. The WiFi problem isn't any better and so far this morning  (it's 11:15am) my phone has restarted itself 3 times. WTF!?

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Re: Phone keeps restarting

Totally agree.  Mine is doing the very same thing.  I have gotten to a point of turning my Note 5 off.  I've done so because I refuse to ruin my phone with constant recharges with a  completely unstable OS.  I called Verizon tech support yesterday, and they pointed the finger at Samsung for this release.  Verizon offered to send a refurbished phone to me as a consolation/replacement since mine is still under warranty.  I told Verizon's tech support rep, "hell to the naw!"  My Note 5 worked perfectly fine before this update, is stored in a UAG case with tempered glass screen cover.  I refuse to send in a device I've taken good care of for someone else turned-in/repaired junk. 

Verizon, Google and SAMSUNG have to do better than this with a FLAGSHIP device.  I'm shocked neither of these organizations are EVEN ISSUING STATEMENTS to customers about  their fix for this mess.  But then again, maybe they have a desire for more class action law suits.  At this rate, they may well have one (or two or three).